Let's Get Started

Hello and thank you for visiting RGVtechs. My name is Carlos and I’m going to introduce you to the world of programming.
Time and time again friends have asked me on what is the best way to learn programming. My answer has always been the same. In order to learn something, you must first find a reason why you want to learn. Then you must use your newly acquired knowledge and find a relationship with an activity that you are familiar with.
To further explain this; you need to ask yourself, why do I want to learn programming? Is it because you want to impress a good looking girl? Or perhaps you want to solve the world hunger. Whichever you reason may be; you need to always keep that reason in mind. By the way, knowing computer programming is a total chick magnet. ;-)
I have decided to create these tutorials because I notice that most of the tutorials out there are tailored to show you how to use the wizards of the programming application you are using. I will not be showing you how to follow the wizards.